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Fleet Insurance

Save more with fleet insurance on your side.

What is Fleet Insurance?

While it may seem like fleet vehicles can be covered under commercial auto insurance, there is actually a major difference. For fleet insurance, there is no personal owner of the vehicle. Instead, the sole proprietor is a company or corporation. This insurance plan is required to protect the vehicle and the drivers that use the driver during their quick delivery trips.

What it Covers

Unlike other auto insurance policies, fleet insurance does not cover the items inside the fleet car. It only offers coverage for the driver and the car itself. While it does offer collisions and comprehensive policies, that differs as well.

Why You Should Have Fleet Insurance

You never know what could happen on the road. That is why having your fleet car and the driver insured will be beneficial in the long run. Don’t skip out on a policy that can help you and even your company uphold its reputation for being safe, trusted, and professional.

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